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Master's degrees in Public Administration Quick learner & Team-player Strategic & Critical thinking



1.Master's Degree

Master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Western Ontario, focusing on local governments in Canada. Project and Policy work experience in the municipality.

2.Interpersonal Skills

Excellent verbal & written communication and presentation skills. Able to build a partnership and relationship with a variety of stakeholders.

3.Fast Learning

Able to learn quickly and apply new concepts or methods as needed. Advanced computer skills including MS Office Suite, Photoshop, InDesign, and Web developing.

4.Pleasant Personality

Honest, goal-oriented, team-player, strong work ethic, with the ability to work well under tight timelines and pressure.

My Story.

Hi, there!  My name is Summer. Welcome to my website and here is my story that I'd love to share with you:

I. Goodbye China & Hi Canada

In 2015, I graduated from my first Master's Degree at Nanjing University, a top 6 university in China. I was faced with two options: a job offer as an HR Specialist in a fast-growing reputable company; a school offer from the MPA program at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. I chose the second one with no hesitation because I always wanted to explore more about the world and about myself.

II. New Challenges in Canada

I successfully graduated from my second Master's Degree from the University of Western Ontario in October 2016. And after months of job hunting, I finally got an amazing job - Strategy Intern in the City Manager's Office at the City of London. I worked so hard for it. And I deeply appreciate this opportunity that my director, Kate Graham, and my manager, Cathy Parsons, offered me. Thank them for trusting a young newly-graduated international student, who was trying to break into the new career. In the City Manager's Office, I enjoyed so much working with all the talented people; I got the chance to work on London's five-year economic development strategy; I had an incredible platform to meet new people from a variety of fields; I gained lots of research experience from undertaking multiple best practice and jurisdictional research projects. I learned and grew so much from this role.

III. Farewell London Ontario & Hello California!

I love my job at the City of London, but I also love my husband, at that time, my fiance. And he got his dream job offer from Google's head office. Again, I was faced with two options: stay in London or move to California. And once again, I chose the second one, but this time for love. I'm thankful for the possibilities in our lives and I always stay passionate about them. In California, we enjoyed our newly built family, the nice and warm weather, the amazing trips, the family and friends visits, and meanwhile, I enjoyed being the wedding planner for our two big weddings in our hometowns in China.

IV. We SETTLED DOWN in Waterloo!

After a year in California, my husband and I missed Canada so much. We decided to settle down in a city where is perfect for both family and career, so we moved to Waterloo, Ontario, and moved into a lovely house here. This led us to a new life stage with adventures in a strange but welcoming, innovative, and vibrant city. Now, as a young and passionate professional, I am eager to accept new challenges. I am ready to contribute my knowledge and skills to a new opportunity, and I will always work hard for the trust.

This is my story, full of adventures and determination, and I look forward to connecting and meeting up with you to learn about your stories!


Excellent research, project management, and computer skills.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Excel


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

"Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there."



Master's Degree

Western University. Canada

  • Public Administration.
  • Awarded the Ken Chu Scholarship($30,000).
  • Core courses: Research Methods / Program Evaluation and Performance / Economic and Policy Analysis / Policy Process and Analysis / Human Resources Management /Finance Management in Local Government / Strategic Planning and Management

Master's Degree

Nanjing University. China

  • Public Administration.
  • Awarded the Excellent Graduate and Excellent Graduate Thesis.
  • Core courses: Public Management / Relationship between Government and Enterprise / Non-profit organization / Administrative Law / Public Economics / National Governance

Bachelor's Degree

North China Electric Power University. China

  • Public Administration.
  • Awarded Academic Scholarship and Enterprise-sponsored Scholarship.
  • Core course: Office automation / Marketing / Logic / Public Relationship / Document Writing / Municipality / Communication

Work Experience.

Mar 2017 - Feb 2018

City of London - City Manager's Office - Strategy Intern

  • Provided the support and coordination for the implementation of London’s Community Economic Road Map (Roadmap), a 5-year economic development strategy, founded on values of alignment, engagement, and partnership. Undertook part of the project management responsibilities including communicating the project resource needs, preparing project work plans, evaluating the project progress, and ensuring the work is completed in time.
  • Communicated timely and effectively with the Roadmap Advisory Panel and five Action Teams’ members, comprised of various stakeholders, including executive-level partners in government, business, post-secondary, non-profit, and wider community organizations.
  • Prepared research reports, discussion outlines, presentations, annual project progress reports for Council, and improvement recommendation reports on specific policy matters.
  • Carried out various inter-jurisdictional and best-practice research projects, including Municipal Open Data Policy Research, London’s Economic Outlook Research, Amazon HQ2 RFP Research, Council Policy Modernization Research, and Municipal Business Hub Research.
  • Provided the support for other activities in City Manager’s Office - including volunteering at The Go Open Data Conference (GOOD 2017); assisting the Nanjing Delegation visiting for the 20th Anniversary of Sister-cities relationship between London and Nanjing; leading the collaborative project between City’s Economic Partnership Division and the Geography Department at Western University.
Dec. 2016 - Feb 2017

City of London - City Manager's Office - Policy Consultant

  • Conducted an inter-jurisdictional scan of Council Policy Manuals in 20 Canadian cities.
  • Presented recommendations for improving London’s Council Policy Manual, based on the collected data and best practice analysis from the jurisdictional research.

Internship Experience.

May - July 2014

Career International co., Ltd. - Headhunter Assistant

  • Completed 60 candidate’s recommendation reports per week; and got 1 person successfully on board.
  • Communicated with recruiting-related vendors and customers, especially focusing on 8 Nanjing’s foreign manufacturing companies (i.e., Motor Ford, ThyssenKrupp, ZF Group).
  • Managed the job posting (10 JD posted per day), candidates selection, interview, job offer, negotiation, closing, relationship management, and administrative components involved in the full recruiting lifecycle.
  • Facilitated the process for detailed reference and background check.
  • Developed and managed an effective database, including 96 potentially available key talents for hiring in the future.
  • Explored business development through both internal and external research.
  • Other administrative and supportive responsibilities, such as reimbursements and scheduling meetings.
Oct. - Dec. 2011

Lenovo Group Ltd.- Recruiting Specialist Assistant

  • Responsible for daily recruiting, including online and telephone screening, and arranging face-to-face interviews.
  • Assisted and supported the team in the annual campus recruitment, including campus resourcing plan, campus selection, and hiring process.


Dec. 2016 - Feb 2018

London Nature-The Cardinal - Volunteer for the Editorial Committee

  • Designed E-Cardinal website using WordPress.
  • Edited and formatted 2017 Spring, Summer, and Winter Issues by using InDesign.
Oct. 2016 - Feb 2017

London Chinese Association - Volunteer for the Design group

  • Designed the poster and ticket for the 2017 Chinese New Year Gala.

Ready to seek new possibilities

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What people say.

Summer's record shows a wide array of extra-curricular involvement and accomplishment. As a student, she has performed exceptionally well, which is why she was chosen as a recipient of our Ken Chu Scholarship for Chinese students wanting to take our MPA degree. Even at Western, where MPA courses are in English and focus on Canadian local government, Summer received grades that were superior to most other students at her level.

Andrew Sancton - Professor in Political Science at Western University

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